2018 Bargaining Survey

To all members of local 4392,

Please take the time to complete the 2018 DSSCC bargaining survey, when complete you have the chance to be entered into a draw for one of 2 iPad minis.

please click on the link below to complete your survey



Nearly half of DS collective agreements will expire on March 31, 2018! We also have a provincial budget and election in the months ahead.


A common expiration date – achieved through years of coordinated bargaining – will help employers and the government to recognize our work as a valuable and integral public service, one that is depended upon daily by hundreds of thousands of supported individuals, their families and care-givers.


With the Wynne government at one of lowest public approval ratings ever, the June 2018 provincial election is a huge opportunity to pressure our elected representatives to pay serious attention to the importance of our sector.

The Liberals have already introduced new labour and employment legislation including a $15 an hour minimum wage and new rules to protect part time and casual workers. This will make it difficult for them to deny the rights of our most precarious DS workers.

The Liberals will also have to work hard to deliver a “good news” budget and avoid strikes in the public sector prior to the election.

We can use our power through a common expiration date and the provincial election to:

Mobilize families and care-givers anxious to see improvements to programs and services for supported individuals;

Raise awareness and explain the importance of our programs and services to the general public;

Promote adequate and stable funding in order to increase programs, services and the level of care for supported individuals. This includes a long-term and stable workforce capable of providing the care that families of supported individuals want and deserve.


The bargaining survey is your chance to be part of the bargaining and political process. A survey with a high response rate will deliver a strong message to the employer and the government that YOU:

  • Care deeply about improving programs and services to supported individuals;
  • Are willing to talk to the co-workers, the public, the employer about our concerns.

The bargaining survey is also a crucial way of setting priorities at the table based on the members’ feedback

Your participation will help CUPE to take advantage of a unique political landscape in 2018. We can make significant gains for CUPE members in our sector and ultimately deliver better services for people with developmental disabilities.

With full participation and support, this round of bargaining could deliver big rewards for our sector.

In solidarity,

Beverley Patchell                                                              Joanne Smithers

Social Service Coordinator – Ontario                               DSSCC – Chair