March 20 strike update






Negotiations Update

L4392 and CLGW met on Friday, March 3rd with the Ministry of Labour

No settlement was achieved as minimal monetary increases were tabled by CLGW

All outstanding non-monetary was resolved

The Union Committee has asked for a “no board” and today a strike deadline of April 5th has been set

L4392 and CLGW are scheduled to meet on March 29th in attempt to resolve all outstanding issues and to achieve a tentative settlement

L3083 and CLD are scheduled to meet March 23rd and a strike deadline will be requested if there is no settlement


Strike pay is $300 a week and members must complete at least 20 hours of strike duties

Benefit coverage for extended health will be covered by CUPE for the period of any strike activity

Strike plans are being completed by the Union Committee and more volunteers are required. Strike training was completed March 11th but picket captain training is yet to take place

The Union Committee has already advised CLGW that it will provide at least 72 hours notice of commencement on strike activity so that all supported persons will be ensured proper care and a safe environment



To ensure all members understand what CUPE is trying to achieve on behalf of the members in both Local 3083 Dufferin and Local 4392 Guelph Wellington…there are 3 campaigns underway and we require members to participate in order to achieve our goals of increasing funding to the agencies for supported persons and to ensure funding is provided to cover pay equity costs and the third is to provide for an appropriate and sustainable general wage increase and/or benefit improvements, etc.


Campaign 1 – Increase Operating Costs via an Emergency Request for Funds

A legislative petition which outlines an emergency request for funding to assist CLGW and CLD for the following purposes:

  1. Increase operating costs to pay for maintenance on group homes and transport vehicles as well as food, taxes, insurance and utility increases
  2. Provide emergency funding to cover the unfunded liability for pay equity
  3. Provide a reasonable monetary increase for staff which includes funding to maintain compounding costs for staffing

Sylvia Jones, MPP Dufferin read 68 pages of names from the Dufferin petitions into Parliament the week of March 6th.

CLGW has arranged for the NDP critic to read the names into Parliament from the legislative petition gathered throughout Guelph-Wellington into the house. The Social Services conference is being held the end of this week and Joanne Smithers and the Local Committee will take the opportunity to gather additional names.

This legislative petition is expected to continue throughout the spring until Parliament breaks for the summer.


Campaign 2 – Online Petition

The online petition requesting appropriate funding levels is going immediately and directly to Premier Wynne, Minister of Social Services Helena Jaczek and MPP’s Sylvia Jones, Randy Pettipiece and Ted Arnott. The purpose of this online petition is to give notice that community livings are in crisis and immediate and urgent need for funding is required on two fronts, firstly and most important is that cuts in positions and staffing hours as well as lack of operating funds is having a detrimental effect on supported persons regarding level of servicing. Inclusion for supported persons relating to participation has been cut due to staff reductions and lack of funds. Supported persons in future will be required to pay to attend any available day programmes as well as pay full rate for participation in activities in the community.

This online petition gets us immediate notice which was the purpose and has brought our plight forward to the government regarding planned labour unrest if they don’t action on all three issues.

The fiscal provincial budget is due the end of March and we need maximum pressure now to address agency needs.

The online petition will cease when we have a ratified settlement.


Campaign 3 – “Take a Number” Postcards

This is a provincial campaign and was designed for any community living to use and access whether CUPE or another union. The postcard is being mailed to the Minister of Social Services and speaks again about the lack of funding to agencies to provide adequate funding to ensure the ongoing viability of services to supported persons.

There is no planned end date to the postcard campaign and will be distributed to all CUPE locals attending at the Social Services Conference this weekend as well as upcoming provincial and national conventions in May and October respectively.