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Rosie the Riveter“The union will empower its members by providing a supportive environment which fosters knowledge, strength and collective power thereby ensuring respect, fair play and equity from our employer.”

Representing the front line workers of Community Living Guelph Wellington

Strike Vote results

Hi everyone,

I’m so sorry that I did not post the results of our past strike election sooner.

I am glad to report that we had an excellent turn out, the largest turn out we have ever had actually.

Of all the members who came out and voted, we had 97% in favour of strike.

Your voice had been heard loud and clear, thank you for putting your trust in your negotiating committee.

We will continue to keep you posted through our social media accounts, email updates and mailed out newsletters.

In solidarity,


(member of your negotiating committee)

May 2014 bargaining update

Dear CUPE 4392 Members,

On May 8 and 10th the union will be holding a strike vote.

The union negotiating committee is asking you to vote yes in the strike vote.

We do not want to go out on strike. We want to negotiate a fair contract. But unfortunately the provincial government and employers across the province including ours are not taking us seriously. They believe that workers and the people we support will continue to absorb the human costs of underfunding through:

Cuts to services including fewer opportunities for community outings

Low or frozen wages and few full-time job opportunities

Increased workload as a result of cuts to staff and increased demands

Few or no full-time job opportunities and increased reliance on part-time and casual staff with few benefits

Support for Real Bargaining – What a YES Strike Vote Means For You

A successful strike vote does not automatically mean we go out on strike. If anything, a strike mandate should deepen, not derail negotiations.

It is important that all members speak with one voice in sending a strong message to our employer and the provincial government. Like the people we support, CUPE 4392 members deserve respect and dignity. To deliver quality services, we need fair compensation, sufficient staffing levels and full-time opportunities to ensure continuity of care.

Quality Services Depend on Having the Necessary Supports

CUPE locals across Ontario are calling on employers and the provincial government to negotiate fair contracts that provide workers to ensure the necessary supports to deliver quality services. We need:

Fair wages that keep pace with increased cost of living

Fairness for part-time workers including full-time job opportunities with benefits in lieu

No more cuts to staffing and services

Job Security with no layoffs

Clear process to deal with workload concerns as a result of insufficient staffing and increased demands

Local Specificity: we believe the employer has been stalling. The committee is not satisfied with his position and attitude around your pay equity. We believe the sick leave proposal adds more costs to employees and does not meet plans seen in other CUPE locals through out the province.


What You Can Do To Show Your Solidarity

Vote YES in the strike vote – Send a strong message that we deserve a fair contract!

Wear your “CUPE DS – We Make It Possible” bracelets which the local will supply in May to show your solidarity

Pay Equity Update

As you know CLGW was served with an order on March 6th stating they must make Pay Equity adjustments and payments for the years 2010-2013. The employer now also owes us for the 2014 year as of April 1st. This is a significant judgment in our favour and money that is owed to you. The employer says he can’t pay it and the government has said it’s not their problem and that they have no money. The union is firm in its position that this is money owed to the employees and we will fight for it.  If the government does not give CLGW the funds all indications are the employer plans to fight the law in court. This would be a very lengthy and expensive fight with the employees as the losers. This is not acceptable to the union.  We will keep you updated as events unfold.

 Strike Vote Locations

May 8 – 930 am


Red Chevron

34 Elizabeth St


May 8 – 130 pm

Mount Forest

Fire Hall

381 Main St N


May 8 – 730 pm


Sportsplex (arena)

550 Belsyde Ave. E


May 10 – 930 am


Local 4392 Union office

135 St David St S (in back)

There is limited parking and space for this vote; more parking is across the river.


In solidarity,

The Local 4392 Negotiating Committee

Joanne Smithers, Barb Alexander, Tammy Stewart, Sue Harbin and Christa Pecore




Important meeting for full-time staff

Important meeting for all Full-time Staff


Local 4392 Bargaining Unit needs to meet to discuss and obtain a recommendation from the members on the concept of switching to a short term disability plan


We will have a full discussion on the benefits of both our current system of banked sick time and the ability to access a short term disability plan


Meetings will be held

April 22nd


10 am

Local Union office in the Old Livery

135 St David St South, rear unit.

Limited parking in back, more parking across the river in the old market by the foot bridge


7 pm

Wellington County Museum

Wellington Road 18 (Fergus and Elora road)


We need to see all Full time in attendance to make this important decision


An important announcement regarding pay equity

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to send out an update on the Pay Equity Order.

As most of you know, on March 6, 2014, CLGW was given an order to comply with the Pay Equity legislation and to pay employees for the years 2010 to present. The order required CLGW to apply the increase to your wages by today, Friday March 21, 2914.

This morning I was informed that CLGW had received an extension on the order. Neither CUPE nor Local 4392 has received a copy of that extension and we are looking into this.

We will keep you informed as we receive information.


In solidarity,


President, CUPE 4392

Pay Equity Commission Order

Here is a copy of our award, each employee is entitled to 4 years plus interest.

However please be advised that the employer has the right to request a hearing on this issue at the tribunal.

Our union is taking the position that he must make the pay equity adjustments within 50 days beginning March 5, 2014 as set out on page 5, item k of the order.

pay equity order

September 2013 membership meeting


To:       CUPE Local 4392
From:  CUPE Local 4392 Executive

Thursday September 19, 2013
****135 St. David Street South #5****
(The old Livery)
Fergus, Ontario
7:00 pm


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